Habits of a millennial 1

Published June 17, 2020 by Fan_Girl_Noha

I have a very bad habit – whenever I face a situation that is troubling or somehow makes me uncomfortable,  I tend to escape from it. Sometimes the escape is physical: I stay outside home for longer periods; other times the escape is mental: I stay in the house, in my room but create a different world in my mind- one that is full of fantasy and imagination; one that makes me feel different;  one that gives me happiness.  This happens when I read light novels or indulge myself in other forms of entertainment. It makes me feel like I have a world of my own. People may call millennials lazy, but I feel that we’re merely different from our previous generations. They had the chance to use the nature around them as a means of escape. We don’t have that chance, unfortunately. When you’re stuck amidst the concrete and pollutants of big cities, it’s not possible to seek refuge in nature. The next best thing would’ve been sports, but that’s rarely possible as playgrounds are constantly being destroyed to meet with the demands of the growing population. Some say books are another way of escape but carrying books everywhere is impossible. More importantly, will you always have the right book with you? Not likely. So, people of my generation chose the next best thing: smartphones and ebooks…. (TBC)

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