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Published July 15, 2020 by Fan_Girl_Noha

Dreams are fickle…you see a dream and it feels very real – as if you can hear, touch, smell or even taste it. And yet you wake up, try to remember the details frantically, only to realize that the harder you try to catch them, the easier they slip away from your fingers. With each passing moment, most of the details start blurring. You’re left with nothing but bitter reminiscence of what you felt…a pounding heart, loneliness, fear, anxiety, maybe even the putrid smell of ardent desire which doesn’t go away…lingering in your mind like a throbbing tumor…eating you away little by little…turning neurotic…rotting away…tearing you apart from the inside…gnawing at any semblance of sanity that you hold. You shiver and get goosebumps at a foreign sense of chill spreading through your limbs, but nothing makes it go away -not warm hugs, nor hot coffee, neither the burning sun. It’s cold, very cold.


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